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Voter Information

The next GENERAL elections for Hampton/Newport News will be on 

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 

  •  Deadline to request an absentee ballot to be mailed to you is Tuesday, October 29, 2019.  Your request must be received by your Registrar by 5:00 p.m.
  • Deadline to vote in-person absentee at your local registrar's office is by 5:00 pm on Saturday, November 2, 2019.  Check available voting hours with your local registrar!
  • On Election Day, polls are open from 6am-7pm.

For more information, please click on the links:  

Who Is My Legislator? - Type in your address and see who represents you on the state and federal levels. This may change in 2020 but it lists your current representative.

Virginia Department of Elections - A great resource for voting info.         

VA Department of Elections Citizen Portal - Log in to your voter information

to find where to vote, see in what districts do you reside,

apply for an absentee ballot, and more!

Newport News Voter Registrar - Local voter resources

Hampton Voter Registrar  - Local voter resources

Information on Required Photo ID - See the acceptable forms of ID for voting,

including the FREE Voter ID available at your local registrars' offices.

Information on Restoration of Voting Rights - Apply to have your rights restored

by the Governor or check on the status of your application.


Current Elected Officials for our area:

National/Federal Level:

  • President - Donald Trump
  • Vice President - Mike Pence
  • US Senator (senior) - Mark Warner
  • US Senator  - Tim Kaine
  • Congressional Representative and Districts - 1st Rob Wittman,                           2nd Scott Taylor, 3rd Robert C. "Bobby" Scott

Statewide Elected Officials:

  • Governor -Ralph Northam
  • Lt. Governor - Justin Fairfax
  • VA Attorney General - Mark Herring


State Legislators:

  • State Senator and Districts - 1st Monty Mason, 2nd Mamie Locke,                3rd Thomas Norment
  • State Delegates and Districts - 92nd Jeion Ward, 93rd Michael Mullin,             94th David Yancey, 95th Marcia "Cia" Price


Newport News Local Leadership:

  • Mayor - McKinley Price
  • City Council - Vice Mayor Tina Vick, Saundra Cherry, Dave Jenkins,                   Pat Woodbury, Marcellus Harris, Sharon Scott
  • School Board - Chair Gary Hunter,  Douglas Brown, John Eley, Terri Best, Shelly Simonds, Lisa Surles-Law, and Marvin Harris


Newport News Constitutional Officers:

  • Sheriff - Gabe Morgan
  • Commonwealth's Attorney - Howard Gwynn
  • Commissioner of the Revenue - Tiffany Boyle
  • Treasurer - Marty Eubank
  • Clerk of Court - Gary Anderson

Hampton Local Leadership:

  • Mayor - Donnie Tuck
  • City Council - Vice Mayor Jimmy Gray, Linda Curtis, Billy Hobbs,                     Chris Snead, Steven Brown, Eleanor Brown
  • School Board - Chair Ann Curry, Joe Kilgore, Phyllis Henry, Martha Mugler, Reginald Woodhouse, Jason Samuels, Richard Mason


Hampton Constitutional Officers:

  • Sheriff - BJ Roberts
  • Commonwealth's Attorney - Anton Bell
  • Commissioner of the Revenue - Ross Mugler
  • Treasurer - Robert "Bob" Williams
  • Clerk of Court - Linda Batchelor Smith


 Precincts for the 95th District for 2019 Elections:

  • Boulevard* - Knights of Columbus Building
  • Briarfield – An Achievable Dream Middle & High School
  • Carver – Carver Elementary School
  • Chestnut – Dochiki Club
  • Deer Park* - Deer Park Elementary School
  • Downtown – City Council Chambers
  • Dunbar – An Achievable Dream Academy
  • Hilton* - Main Street Library
  • Huntington – Doris Miller Community Center
  • Jefferson – Marshall Courts Rec Center
  • Magruder – Discovery STEM Academy
  • Marshall – Marshall Early Learning Center
  • Newmarket# – American Legion Post 25
  • Newsome Park – Newsome Park Elementary School
  • Oyster Point* - Yates Elementary School
  • Palmer*# - Palmer Elementary School
  • Reed – Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center
  • River* - Virginia War Museum
  • Sandy Bottom (HAMPTON)*# - Sandy Bottom Nature Park
  • Saunders*# - Saunders Elementary School
  • Sedgefield* - Sedgefield Elementary School
  • South Morrison – South Morrison Family Learning Center
  • Warwick*# - Warwick Recreation Center
  • Washington – Booker T. Washington Middle School
  • Watkins* - Watkins Early Childhood Center
  • Wilson – Ivy Baptist Church


#= split precinct with another district




 Important Info From Delegate Price:

I've had some emails and calls with really good questions about Election Day and sometimes it's the "not knowing" that keeps folks from participating. So let's make sure everyone knows what to do for Election Day!

Here are some highlights:
-Election Day is November 5th. Polls are open from 6am-7pm. Your polling location or precinct is based on where you live. You can find out your polling location in your own Citizen Portal. Go to type in your name, date of birth, last four of your social, and the city or county where you are registered. Once you go there, you can see your polling location and the address.

-Absentee voting is when you vote before election day because you have a valid excuse. You can do this by mail or in-person. For absentee voting, you can apply to have a ballot mailed to you by logging in to your citizen portal (above) and clicking the box that says request an absentee ballot. Please note that you have to give a valid excuse to be eligible for this. Some reasons may be traveling on Election Day, long work hours, being a caregiver, being ill, etc. To vote in-person absentee, you can visit your local voter registrar's office to apply and vote at the same time. For more info, visit

-You need photo ID in order to vote in VA. Some examples of valid photo ID are your VA driver’s license or DMV-issued state ID, US Passport, employer-issued photo ID, and Student photo ID issued by a VA school. IF you don't have any of the valid IDs, you can get a VA Voter ID for FREE from your local Voter Registrar's office.

-Your NN and Hampton Ballots will include three races: State Senate, House of Delegates, and Clerk of Court. Your HOUSE District number may have changed in the #757 or #804 due to redistricting. You can go to your Citizen Portal above to see what your district is or visit VPAP to see more info about your districts. Go to type in your address and see more information.

-Other cities and counties have different races in addition to the House and Senate races. You can go here to look up your location and see what all is on your ballot:…/candidate-list/

-If you are over 60 years old, live in Newport News or Hampton, and don't have any other transportation to the polls, the Peninsula Agency on Aging is working with Yellow Cab to provide rides. You do need to register by Nov 4th in order to get the ride on Nov 5th. Some restrictions apply - call (757) 873-0541 for more info.

-Does your vote matter? YES! There is no Electoral College for the elections on November 5th. Each vote counts but only the ones that are cast! The General Assembly (House & Senate) decide so many things that impact your everyday life, it is a very important election. If you or anyone you know wants to discuss this further, please call me.

-Don't assume that everyone in your life is aware of the above info. Please share it and make sure everyone is ready for November 5th!

-Have questions? Email me at DelMPrice@House.Virginia.Gov or call us at 757-266-5935


Updated October 2019

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