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Campaign & Voter Information

GENERAL elections for General Assembly Seats: Tuesday, November 7, 2023

On Election Day, polls are open from 6am-7pm.

What's on your ballot?

  • Newport News/ Hampton - State Senate & House of Delegates

Don't forget: We have new districts! 

In 2021, with the new census information, Virginia went through our redistricting process.  With the new maps, the current 95th District will be the new 85th District.  Those of us that are currently elected will represent our current districts until the end of the year.  The November elections will be based on the new districts for a term to begin in 2024. You can visit "Who's My Legislator" to see the current and new information:
Have questions or want to see the map?  Thanks to Virginia Public Access Project, you can see all of the changes at  

Scroll down to see the precincts of the current 95th District and the new 85th District.  


    Important Dates to Remember:

    •  Voter Registration & Information Updates can happen now!
    • Apply to have your voting rights restored: 
    • Election Day: Tuesday, November 7th, 6am-7pm
    • Stay tuned for more important dates


    Early Voting: 

    • In Virginia, we can vote by mail, vote early in-person, or vote on Election Day in-person.  We have 45 days of early voting.
    • Stay tuned for more information for early voting for the next election. 


    Free Rides to the Polls

    Shout out to the Peninsula Agency on Aging and HRT for helping provide free rides to the polls.  Stay tuned for more information on the next election.


    Where to Go on Election Day - Tuesday, November 7th:

    To find your polling location, visit and enter in your information. It will let you know your polling location based on your address.  If you moved and are trying to update your registration and vote the same day, go to the polling location of your new address found here.

    Newport News Voter Registrar: 757-926-VOTE (8683)

    Hampton Voter Registrar: 757-727-6218 


    If You Encounter Issues:

    If you encounter any issues at the voting location, please call 866-Our-Vote (866-687-8683) or visit for more info and multi-lingual options. Stay at your voting location and they will help find a solution to the issue.  Reporting issues is important so that we can make sure all is happening according to the law.



    • More information will be posted on how to request and return your absentee ballot by mail.

    NEW:  Same-Day Voter Registration

    Virginia now has same-day voter registration where you can really register to vote and vote at the same time. Some restrictions apply.  More Info:


    Please share this information with your friends and family because it also helps those who have had their rights restored! Check your status to see if your voting rights have been restored. If they have, you can register to vote and vote on the same day!

    Check your status: Restore.Virginia.Gov

    Don't forget your Voter ID! 

    You can use voter ID to vote, such as your driver's license or an utility bill with your name and address on it or here's a list of eligible ID's you can use. If you do not have an ID or forget your ID when you go vote, you can sign a form attesting to who you are and vote by provisional ballot.


    For more information, please click on the links:


    Current Elected Officials for our area:

    National/Federal Level:

    President - Joseph R. Biden (D)

    Vice President - Kamala Harris (D)

    US Senator  - Mark Warner (D) 

    US Senator  - Tim Kaine (D)


    Congressional Representative and Districts for Newport News & Hampton

    3rd District - Rep. Robert C. "Bobby" Scott (D)


    Statewide Elected Officials:

    Governor -Glenn A. Youngkin (R)

    Lt. Governor - Winsome Sears (R)

    VA Attorney General - Jason Miyares (R)


    State Legislators:

    State Senator and Districts in Newport News & Hampton

    1st Monty Mason (D)

    2nd Mamie Locke (D)

    3rd Thomas Norment (R)


    State Delegates and Districts in Newport News & Hampton

    91st Aijalon C. Cordoza (R)

    92nd Jeion Ward (D)

    93rd Michael Mullin (D)

    94th Shelly Simonds (D)

    95th Marcia "Cia" Price (D)

    Note: The district numbers for the House and Senate districts will change for the 2023 Election!


    Newport News Local Leadership:

    Mayor -Phillip Jones

    City Council - John Eley (South), Tina Vick (South), Cleon Long (Central), Pat Woodbury (Central), Curtis Bethany (North), Marcellus Harris (North)


    School Board - Chair Lisa Surles-Law (Central), Vice Chair Terri Best (South), Gary Hunter (At-Large), Marvin Harris (North), Rebecca Aman (Central), Douglas Brown (North)

    The 2nd Seat for the South is currently vacant due to John Eley's election to the City Council. 


    Newport News Constitutional Officers:

    Sheriff - Gabe Morgan

    Commonwealth's Attorney - Howard Gwynn

    Commissioner of the Revenue - Tiffany Boyle

    Treasurer - Marty Eubank

    Clerk of Circuit Court - Angela Reason


    Hampton Local Leadership:

    Mayor - Donnie Tuck

    City Council - Vice Mayor Jimmy Gray, Billy Hobbs, Steven Brown, Martha Mugler, Chris Bowman, Hope Harper

    School Board - Chair Richard Mason, Vice Chair Ann Cherry, Joe Kilgore, Reginald Woodhouse, Stephanie Jackson Afonja, Jason Samuels, and Tina Banks-Gray


    Hampton Constitutional Officers:

    Sheriff -Karen Bowden

    Commonwealth's Attorney - Anton Bell

    Commissioner of the Revenue - Ross Mugler

    Treasurer -Chris Snead

    Clerk of Court - Linda Batchelor Smith


    Have questions?

    Email me at or text us at 757-251-0787


    Precincts for the 95th District (this will change in 2023):


    Briarfield – An Achievable Dream Middle & High School

    Carver – Carver Elementary School

    Chestnut – Dochiki Club

    Deer Park - Deer Park Elementary School

    Downtown – City Council Chambers

    Dunbar – An Achievable Dream Academy

    Hilton - Main Street Library

    Huntington – Doris Miller Community Center

    Jefferson – Marshall Courts Rec Center

    Magruder – Discovery STEM Academy

    Marshall – Marshall Early Learning Center

    Newmarket* – American Legion Post 25

    Newsome Park – Newsome Park Elementary School

    Oyster Point - Yates Elementary School

    Palmer* - Palmer Elementary School

    Reed – Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center

    River - Virginia War Museum

    Sandy Bottom (HAMPTON)* - Sandy Bottom Nature Park

    Saunders* - Saunders Elementary School

    Sedgefield - Sedgefield Elementary School

    South Morrison – South Morrison Family Learning Center

    Warwick* - Warwick Recreation Center

    Washington – Booker T. Washington Middle School

    Watkins - Watkins Early Childhood Center

    Wilson – Ivy Baptist Church

    *split precinct with another district


    Precincts of the 85th District for the 2023 November Election:

    201- Bland*+: George J. McIntosh Elementary School

    211 - Palmer*: Palmer Elementary School

    218 - Kiln Creek+: Kiln Creek Elementary School

    219 - Deer Park: Deer Park Elementary School

    302 – Briarfield: An Achievable Dream Middle & High School

    303 – Carver: Carver Elementary School

    304 – Chestnut: Dochiki Club

    305 – Downtown: City Council Chambers

    307 – Huntington: Doris Miller Community Center

    308 – Jefferson: Marshall Courts Rec Center

    309 – Magruder: Discovery STEM Academy

    310 – Marshall: Marshall Early Learning Center

    311 – Newmarket: American Legion Post 25

    312 - Newsome Park: Newsome Park Elementary School

    313 – Reed: Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center

    314 – River: Virginia War Museum

    315 – Sedgefield: Sedgefield Elementary School

    316 - South Morrison: Ivy Farms Community of Faith Church

    317 – Washington: Booker T. Washington Middle School 

    318 – Wilson: Ivy Baptist Church

    319 - Saunders*: Saunders Elementary School

    320 - Watkins*: Watkins Early Childhood Center

    321 – Hilton: Main Street Library 

    322 - Warwick*: Warwick Recreation Center


    *Change from 95th District - used to be split, now whole precinct is in 85th District

    +Change from 95th District - new precinct added 

    Updated February 10, 2023

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