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Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) Awareness

In 2017, I sponsored House Joint Resolution 823 that passed unanimously and designated September as PCOS Awareness Month in Virginia. This year, we held a virtual roundtable about PCOS, its impact on those of us with it and how people can get involved to advocate for better health policies regarding PCOS.  At the roundtable, we heard from PCOS Warrior Amariah Sledge who is a current medical student and the constituent that brought the issue to my office. T’Air Carroll is a Hampton Road make up artist, artist, mom, and beautiful spirit that shares important information about selecting better beauty products for those of us with PCOS. And Emily Marge who serves in the trenches as co-chair of the health policy/legislative affairs committee and part of the Patient Advisory Board for PCOS Challenge. 


You can watch the roundtable here: 


Here's contact information for our panelists:

Amariah Sledge- Medical Student, PCOS Warrior

T'Air Carroll- Makeup Artist, PCOS Warrior
call/text (757) 726 7073
Instagram: @LoveYoursLuxuryArtistry

Emily Marge- Advocate, PCOS Warrior
She serves as Co-chair of the Health Policy/Legislative Affairs Committee and a member of the Patient Advisory Board for PCOS Challenge. You can find more information, resources, and community at their website.
They are hosting an advocacy day on March 2, 2023 and you can register now!
Personal Email:
PCOS Challenge Email:

Click here to read more in the Daily Press article about my story and the roundtable



On 10/11/2022, the team at The Pastor's Study Radio Show discussed PCOS and we talked about the real life impacts it has, what people can do to be more supportive of PCOS Warriors, and how the cultural norms can shift to be more inclusive of our experiences. You can watch the episode here:



Click here to read more information on PCOS!


Beauty Products can contain harmful chemicals, including ones that make hormonal issues worse. T'Air shared with us that these brands are more friendly to people with PCOS:


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